Funai WiFi Blu-Ray Player – HDMI, Full HD 1080p, Sleek, 280mm Design (Refurbished)

Funai WiFi Blu-Ray Player – HDMI, Full HD 1080p, Sleek, 280mm Design (Refurbished)

This Blu-Ray player normally retails for $69.99. Today it’s on sale for $39.99, but with the $20 rebate, it’s only $19.99.

Funai WiFi Blu-Ray Player
Are you in need for Blu-Ray Player with array of features? Then opt for the Funai WiFi Blu-Ray Player. A Blu-Ray player that can play discrete media types like Blu-Ray Disc, DVD and media or movie files through USB connection. A support of 1080 pixel resolution at 24 frames per second allows viewing content that requires high resolution. It has an audio playback feature that plays media type like BD, DVD, CD, USB media, and Kodak Picture CD without any hindrances. The graphical user interface is so user friendly that even a novice user can easily operate this player. As it has an Ultra Slim compact design space constraint issue is kept at bay. It has features like trilingual on-screen display in English, Spanish and French, a parental lock which keeps your children at bay from watching any un-necessary content. In terms of connectivity, a front USB connection is provided plus HDMI and Ethernet ports are given on the rear side. An in-built WiFi connection provides you a gateway so that internet can be accessed easily with access to sites like YouTube, NetFlix, Vudu, and VuduApps. Hence, purchase the Funai WiFi Blu-Ray Player at the earliest of time!

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